Challenge hosted by the awesome Beatrice Blue 

- Day 1: Cartoons/Movies!
Hercules isn't my favorite but I remember having nightmares for a whole week after seeing it in the movie theater ... I think I was 4 Yo and it scared me a lot!!😨 (specially the titans)

- Day 3 & 4: Secret & Treasure
Every time our parents went out this is exactly what we used to do (let her climb to the bed) and then to shake off all the fur from the blanket. We were so lucky she was the first dog to be part of our family, she was patient, gentle...:'(

- Day 5: Storm
When I was a child my parents told me that every time it rained it was God bathing their sheeps 

- Day 6: Future
Back then, I was worried that this is what we would be wearing in the #future thanks to #backtothefuture

- Day 7: The Day
The early years of my childhood we lived in a very scary house. Once with my sister we had a BAD experience on the floor that was used as a warehouse

Thank you for watching!
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